Welcome to our center

Certified courses at the Center for Technical Creativity in the field of robotics aim to develop talent with a technical inclination.

The course is completely free. Candidates who complete the logic and English language tests will only pay a registration fee at the beginning of the semester. Teachers work on a volunteer basis. All training equipment is donated by contributing donors.



  16:30-18:30 10:00-12:00 12:00-14:00 14:00-16:00
Monday Robot Design      
Tuesday Robotics
C Programming language
Wednesday Robot Design      
Thursday Robotics
C Programming language
Saturday   Lego Mindstorms Lego Mindstorms Lego Mindstorms
Sunday   Lego Mindstorms Lego Mindstorms Lego Mindstorms
Autumn semester-2018 is started!

Just see that everyone is happy and full of strength. Goals for half a year are set and we're moving to them!

Open day - 2018

Friends, thank you to everyone who came to visit us on Saturday Open Day.

On this day were:
- master classes for children,
- world news of robotics,
- demonstration of our robots
- and of course sweets :)
Our new friends saw the training equipment, got acquainted with the robots developed by the students of the Center, received answers to all the questions.

See you in the new school year!