Posted on 2018-07-16

Good news! There are new constructors for our students!
We received 6 sets of 45560 extensions for the Lego Mindstorms introduction course.
Thank you Mykhailo Kazarenko and the Social Development Institute for their continued support in the development of the Center of Technical Creativity.
Everybody who wants to explore the new tools - we invite you to visit!

Posted on 2018-07-10

Friends, we are looking for new talents - pupils of all ages!
The place where the classes are held is equipped with modern equipment. All teachers are leading specialists who are constantly working on projects for the development of robots.
We believe that in the modern world it is important to give the child the skills and abilities that will help him to succeed.

Anyone who shares our opinion - fill in an application and come to the interview.

Posted on 2018-06-28

Good news! The best students of our center received a 50% discount for the registration fee of the autumn semester.
The luckies are:
✅ Leonid Diachenko
✅ Lyhanskii Oleksandr
✅ Mokan Kateryna
✅ Opanasenko Andrii
✅ Savchuk Kateryna
✅ Sergeev Pavlo

We're very grateful to the Social Development Institute and Mykhailo Kazarenko for constant support, as well as parents for such wise children!